Downingtown #16

Hello friends and family!!

Wow, it’s been a CRAZY week.

So last Monday we went to a lady named V…’s house. Background on
V…: about 2 weeks ago we were going to stop by a less active
member who Sister Ipson and I had never met before. We get out of the
car and start walking up to the front door and there’s two women
sitting on the front porch. So we start talking, one of them
introduces herself as V… and we ask if W… is there (the less
active member) but V… tells us that W… hasn’t lived there for
about five months now, that they moved in after she had already left.
So we ask V… if she wants to hear a message about Jesus Christ.
She tells us she’s busy but that we can come back on Friday at 3. So
on Friday we go back and V… tells us she has company over but
that we can come back on Monday at 1. Okay great…. If you’re not
interested then just tell us!! So we go back on Monday and we had a
member, Sister K…, come with us. And wow! V… is awesome!! So
we talked to her and got to know her! She has been baptized into three
different churches, but none of them have been fulfilling enough for
her. She told us that the next one she joins is going to be for real!
So we answer her questions which were amazing questions! She asked us
things like do we believe in the trinity, or what we think happens to
us after we die, why we think we need to be baptized, etc. So we
explained things to her and she’s all, “You know, it’s interesting, I
had been praying and asking God which church I should join and then
you girls showed up…” God answers your prayers everyone!! So we left
her with a Restoration pamphlet, a plan of salvation pamphlet, and a
Book of Mormon. I was a little stressed to give her all of those
things in one day, but it felt right!

So we go back on Thursday and we ask her if she was able to read any
of the things we left her. She’s all, “Oh yes! I loved the two
pamphlets, but I only got to read a little bit of the Book of Mormon.”
We’re all, “That’s okay, how much did you read?” I’m thinking you
know, maybe she got to read 3 or 4 verses… “I’m only on chapter 13
of 1 Nephi.” Wait, what? You’ve read 13 chapters of the Book of Mormon
since Monday?? So we told that was awesome and she told us that
reading the Book of Mormon has helped her to be patient. It is so cool
to see people learn about the gospel and come closer to Christ! We’re
meeting with V… again tomorrow, so we are praying that all goes
well!! (:

On Saturday we stopped by a less active member, P…. We pull up and
see that she’s in the back gardening. We go over and she’s all hello
girls!! I have a bunch of lettuce that I’m growing, would you like
some?” We’re all, sure!! So she begins pulling out different kinds of
lettuce for us which is so so so awesome, but she gave us SO MUCH!!!
Needless to say, Sister Ipson and I will be eating salad for the next
two weeks!! Haha!!

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the plan of salvation. The
fact that God has given us such a simple way to return to live with
Him again. And living our lives here on earth is such an important
part of His plan. We are to live righteously and to help others to do
so as well. Because of Christ we will all be perfected, and we will
all have the opportunity to live with our Father in Heaven again. We
just need to take the steps here to return to Him. Living our lives
righteously is extremely important. What can you do this week to help
others know of the plan of salvation?

I love you all to the moon and back and I hope you have a wonderful week!!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:


Concussions are Lame – Downingtown #14

Hello friends and family!!
It was so great to talk to my wonderful familia yesterday! I love you
all!! (And apologize again that you already heard about my week so you
already heard about the most exciting part of the week).

BUT. It was a crazy week.
So Tuesday started out as an average Tuesday for us! Lunch with a
member, our service that we do every week at Simpson Meadows, having a
member come with us and drive us to different appointments… All
normal things. But after the appointments we were driving in her truck
and Sister Ipson was sitting in the front seat (I was in the back)
holding milk duds that the member had offered us… So the member was
asking us where we wanted to go for dinner, we were stopped at a red
light and the next thing I know milk duds are flying everywhere!!
Super confusing… Then I realized that someone had just rear-ended
us! So I turn around to see what had happened and was so surprised to
see the back windshield shattered and some of the glass on the seat.
My first thought, “Wow, they hit the window which caused the glass to
break, how did I not notice??” Then I remembered we were in a truck,
so the bed of the truck was between us and the truck that hit us so
there’s no way it was the truck that hit us. So then I was like, “Oh,
the impact of them hitting us broke the glass!” So I turned all the
way around to look at the whole windshield and realize that it was
actually my head that broke the glass! So I check my head, and there
was just a little bit of glass in my hair.. So we call the police and
they head over. Sister Ipson and I called our Mission President, but
it went straight to voicemail.. Once the police got there the police
man talks to me for a minute and suggests that an ambulance come and
take a look at me. Okay, no thank you, I would prefer that didn’t
accident2accidentSo we call Sister Anderson (President Anderson’s wife), luckily she
was with President and they both told us to have the ambulance come.
So once the ambulance got there the emt’s checked me and said that I
was fine. When we were all done we left and everything was fine until
I realized that I had a headache, and it wasn’t going away. We had
interviews with President and Sister Anderson on Wednesday and they
made me promise to call them if I still had a headache the next day.

Well, long story short, President Anderson made me go to the emergency
room (not fun), and they concluded that I have a concussion! Yay……
So basically this week has been rough! Haha. Our district leader was
mad that we didn’t tell him until Tuesday evening when he called us.
And our zone leaders called us on Wednesday night asking us how we
were doing, and they were upset because President was the one who told
them about what had happened when they were at their interviews with
him. Haha sorry zone leaders for not telling you…….

This week was basically full of lessons with less active members and
recent converts. I love everyone in this area, it’s so great!!
I can’t remember if I mentioned this before or not.. But we have a
recent convert, P…, who was baptized back in November, and she is
preparing to go to the temple!! We are praying that she will be able
to go this month!! So I will keep you posted on that!! I love her, and
I’m so excited for her! She is awesome!! She’s always asking us for
ways she can help her daughter learn more about the gospel and what
she can do to better teach her, it’s the sweetest thing ever!!

Apparently word travels fast and half of our ward knew about the car
accident by the time Sunday rolled around, and the only people Sister
Ipson and I had told was N… and the bishop! But seriously, everyone
kept asking me if I was okay.. Haha, too funny. And then everyone else
kept saying “Happy Future Mother’s Day!!” to Sister Ipson and I
hahaha…. Too weird.

Basically, it was a weird week, and having a concussion is the lamest
thing ever, and I love being a missionary, and I can’t believe school
is almost out for everyone! So exciting!!

Well, I love you all to the moon and back!!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:

2nd Transfer Down – Downingtown #12

Hello friends and family!!
I can’t believe I’ve been out here for two transfers already!! Time is
literally flying by!! Anyways, Sister Ipson and I are both staying in
Downingtown!! I am SO happy I get to stay here for another transfer!!
I love this area(:

So this week was crazy. The first part of the week was SO rough! Haha.
But we had an AMAZING district meeting this week! Elder Kunz, the area
70 (I’ve mentioned him before I’m pretty sure), and his wife came to
our district meeting and they talked about the Plan of Salvation and
the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was SO amazing!! I love them so much!!

april 27 a

Our district and our zone leaders, Elder and Sister Kunz, and two members from our ward.

Later that day Sister Kunz came with us to one of our new
investigators, C…’s house. We shared a short message because they
had originally said that now wasn’t a good time, but then had actually
let us in! We showed Because He Lives with her son (C… has
already seen the video), but after showing it we all talked about
Christ and all the things he has done for us. The spirit was so strong
and I could just feel Heavenly Father’s love that He has for this
family! They are so special. (:

After that, we went to a less active’s house. Her name is S…, so we
go and her roommate answers and tells us she’s not here, so we start
talking to her roommate instead, her name is C…. We go in and
showed Because He Lives and talked about how God loves each of us. It
was great and C… wants us to come back again this week! So
we’re standing up to leave and S… walks in the door!! So we sit
right back down and talk to S… about the Restoration! It was so
great! (:

So we were supposed to have a member come with us to teach a less
active man in our ward on Friday afternoon. But on Thursday evening
the member called us and told us she wasn’t going to be able to come!
So Sister Ipson and I are calling everyone we can think of! And
there’s no luck!! So we’re calling and texting people until way late
and we decide to just wait until the morning because it’s almost time
for us to go to bed anyways. So first thing in the morning we are
calling and texting EVERYONE. And no one can come!! So finally after
talking to FORTY women in our ward, yes FORTY! Someone FINALLY said
they could come! And she offered to pick us up early and took us to
lunch beforehand! It was seriously a miracle!! So we go to this less
active’s house and we talked about the restoration. The spirit was SO
strong!! And he made a commitment to go to the temple in June!! We are
so excited for him and are looking forward to helping him get to the
temple! (: After that we had another lesson that another member was
coming to, but when we got there the lady we were supposed to teach
said now wasn’t a good time, ūüė¶ so we took the member finding with us
for a bit!! Then after that we met up with our district leader because
him and his companion were doubling into our area. After we finally
got to start our weekly planning we went to visit N…! (The recent
convert who got the Melchizedek Priesthood a few weeks ago). Oh man, I
LOVE N…! He is the best!! When we got there he asked the three of us
(Me, Sister Ipson, and the member who came with us) if we wanted a
glass of water. After I said I didn’t, he was all, “you’re right, you
don’t because I bought you apple cider!” Haha! He gave us apple cider
and doughnuts and told us about how “being a Mormon is the best thing
that’s ever happened to me.” Oh, I seriously love him! He’s the

So Friday night was when we heard that we would both be
staying!! I’m so glad we have another transfer together so I don’t
have to get another new companion! Sadly, one of the Elders in our
ward and our district leader are both being transferred! ūüė¶ I’m so sad
our district leader is being transferred!

This week I have really come to understand Christ’s and Heavenly
Father’s love for each of us. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan
for us. And He has made that plan easier by giving us things for us to
do to show our faith and to return to live with Him again. I know He
loves me. I know He loves the people I’ve met. I’ve felt that love.
It’s so crazy to be able to see people as Christ sees them. To love
them unconditionally, even when they don’t accept what we have to
share with them. I seriously love the people here! I love being a
missionary! And I love all of you! Have a wonderful week!
I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

april 27 c

Sister Ipson and I and the Elders in our ward!


april 27 b

Sister Ipson, me, Elder Blume, and Elder Owen. This was right after Elder Blume and I talked about how my mom and his step-mom know each other and both told us about each other.

Friday was Rough – Downingtown #11

Hello friends and family! This week at our district meeting we got advice on how we can help our investigator, C…. So right after district meeting we went on exchanges with our sister training leaders. So Sister Simmons and Sister Ipson were in Broomall and Sister Foster came here with me! So we went finding and met a bunch of new people and decided to just stop by C…. So we go over and she let us in and we talked to her about coming to our church on Sunday and she said she would come and she would even bring two of her three kids with her!! Sweet! So we told her that we would remind her Saturday night and she said she would for sure be there!


Sister Kartchner, Sister Miller (both in our district), me, Sister Ipson, and our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Simmons and Sister Foster, at our district meeting!

Friday comes around.. Weekly planning. So before we started planning we had two appointments that we went to and neither of them were home! So sad. We also had to stop at a member’s house, so we didn’t even start planning till later in the day. In the middle of weekly planning we had to go to our dinner appointment. So at 7:30 we went back to our apartment so we could FINALLY finish planning. Just before 8:30 Sister Ipson gets a bloody nose. For no reason. So this goes on for about an hour and it just keeps getting worse. So it’s like 9:20 and Sister Ipson is all, “We should go to our neighbor’s house and have him give me a blessing, because I think that would help.” So we call our district leader (because we had already texted ‘in and safe’ for the night like twenty minutes ago) and he tells us we can go over, but to just let him know when we get back and everything. So we go over to our neighbors (who had moved in two days earlier) and no one answers. So we go back and call our district leader back and he’s all, “I have the mission nurse on the phone.” So we talk to her for awhile and she basically tells us to just wait it out. So we wait longer and Sister Ipson still really wants a blessing. So we call our district leader AGAIN and Sister Ipson asks if he can come and give her a blessing. So he says he’ll see what he can do. So a few minutes later our zone leaders call us and tell us to go try our neighbors again. So we go back to our neighbors and they answer!! So we go in, and Sister Ipson’s nose gets worse! So he (Brother S…) gives Sister Ipson a blessing and they walk us back to our apartment. So it’s after 10:45 by now. Yes, every other missionary is in bed by now. And we haven’t even taken off our shoes, or planned for our day tomorrow, and my companion might die of blood loss! So we call our zone leaders to tell them we are finally home and they ask Sister Ipson if she’s okay, and tell us not to go to bed until it stops bleeding, etc. so we wait. And finally at 11:30, her nose stops bleeding! We didn’t go to bed until after midnight (I know, you’re all laughing at me for the fact that midnight is so late for us). So I wake up like seventy times in the middle of the night to make sure Sister Ipson isn’t drowning in blood. Long story short, Friday was rough.

Saturday we went to a member’s house for dinner and painted their kitchen. We’ve been painting for weeks now, it’s a long process, but we’ll get it done eventually! (We have to eventually paint basically the whole house.) Also, on Saturday we texted C… to remind her about church. She told us that she would be there and was looking forward to it! So Sunday comes around. After ward council we check our phone and we had a text from C… telling us she wasn’t going to be there at church! So sad. But the Elder’s investigator, E…, who got baptized last Sunday was confirmed in sacrament meeting so that was awesome! Also, a recent convert, J… and his wife A…, spoke in Sacrament meeting. J… was supposed to give a five minute talk, but twenty-five minutes later he glances at the clock and is all, “Wow! I think my time is up!” So after him we still had A…, a musical number AND a member from the high council. In other words, sacrament meeting got out late. Haha. But one of the recent converts, N…, sat by us in sacrament meeting and talked all about how he gets to go to Utah in June for one of the missionaries who taught him (Sister Shaia) wedding. He was so cute about the whole thing, haha he’s so awesome! Anyways, I have committed him to coming to my wedding too! And I’m going to take him to all of the temples in Utah! (That’s what Sister Shaia is doing too). So if anyone knows Catelyn Shaia (I think that’s how you spell her name?) tell her that everyone in Downingtown loves her and N… is SO excited for her wedding! (Background: Sister Shaia was Sister Johnstone’s trainer, so I feel like I know her, but I really don’t.) anyways! That’s all I have for this week.

I love you to the moon and back!
Sister Sammy Gomm

Book of Mormon Challenge – Downingtown #10

Hola friends and family!¬†So. This week consisted of our three favorite things. Finding, finding, and more finding! We still aren’t really getting anywhere with it. But we know there’s people out there who are ready for the gospel, we just need to find them!!¬†


We invited our ward and the West Chester Ward to do the Book of Mormon challenge. For the Book of Mormon challenge you are to follow the instructions below and prayerfully decide on who to give your Book of Mormon to and deliver your copy to them within TEN DAYS.¬†Here’s what you need to do:


Book of Mormon Challenge


First page–write your testimony
Bottom of page–write: Turn to page 59, (Spanish 70) and¬†

At the top of page 59 (Spanish 70)–write: Read 2 Nephi¬†2:27
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page–write: Turn to page 310 (Spanish 372, 373)At the top of page 310 (Spanish 372, 373)–write: Read Alma 41:3-7, 10
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page–write: Turn to page 459 (Spanish 554)

At the top of page 459 (sp 554)–write: Read 3 Nephi 27:13-16
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page–write: Turn to page 529 (Spanish 640)

At the top of page 529 (sp 640)– write: Read Moroni 10:4-7
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page 530 (Spanish 641)–write: Know it is true–Act

At the top of page 531 (Spanish 642)–write: Read Moroni 10:32-33
Underline the scripture
Bottom of page–write: Go to the beginning and read this Book!


My commitment to all of you is to do this; write your testimony in the front cover of a copy of the Book of Mormon, follow the instructions and then pray about who you should give the Book to. Then give it to them within the next ten days! I know that by doing this Heavenly Father will bless you and that by sharing your testimony with others you can strengthen your own testimony and it will bring you closer to Christ. I know each of you will be able to do this(; even in good old Provo Utah, there are people out there waiting to hear about the restored gospel!


We already gave away a copy of the Book of Mormon this way, and we are teaching her the Restoration¬†on Saturday! It’s a great way to help people know what they can read rather than mindlessly wandering through the Book. Plus it’s always great to have a friend’s testimony written in the cover of a very special Book! (:¬†

Valley Forge Zone Selfie

On Thursday we had zone training, which was so good, as always!
On Saturday our Ward had a talent show. There are some very talented people here, and some people who just know how to make us all laugh(: it was great. 


We’ve talked to TONS of people this past week. We have Because He Lives pass along cards that we’re supposed to keep track of how many we hand out as part of the initiative, and Sister Ipson and I were given a lot because pretty much all we do is go finding and we still ran out three times in the past two weeks! But luckily our district leader and our zone leaders AND the Elders in our ward have come to the rescue every time and given us more to hand out! But as of right now our mission only has however many each of us missionaries have. They’ve ordered tons more, but they haven’t come in yet! So hopefully we will get those soon, otherwise we will be out for good!¬†


This week we also had C… and L… and two other people say they were coming to church¬†on Sunday, and none of them did! So that was really sad, but we still have high hopes for this upcoming week!


Also, our appointments with C… and L… this week all fell through. Super lame!¬†
On a good note, yesterday the Elder’s investigator, E…, got baptized!! It was so great to see him get baptized and share his special day. I can’t wait for this upcoming¬†Sunday¬†when he is confirmed! (:
image1 (4)b 4x6

Sister Ipson, E… & Sister Gomm (Brother W… in the back)

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week.¬†
I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

What a Week – Downingtown #9

Hello friends and family!

Wow, what a week! So basically our area is struggling and we are just
trying to find people to teach every second of every day! At least,
that’s what we’re trying to do!

On Tuesday we had to go get our car fixed,
and the place we get it fixed at is not in our area, so we go,
assuming we’re going to be there for maybe an hour and a half at most
because the man we talked to on the phone said it would take an hour
at most. Well… He lied. We were there for FOUR HOURS. In the middle
of the day!! We could have been finding that whole time!! But since it
wasn’t in our area we couldn’t even go finding around where we were.
So frustrating!


Sister Gomm & Sister Ipson out finding.

And that’s basically how the rest of the week went. Finding,
appointments that were cancelled last minute so we went finding, more
finding and uh… Finding! We went finding all day every day and no
one was interested. Seriously no one. It was so sad! But it’s okay, we
have faith that there will be people interested here someday!! (:


Sister Gomm and her two trainers – Sister Ipson & Sister Johnstone

We had zone conference on Friday with a bunch of different zones
around us and I got to see Sister Johnstone!!! Yay!! I also got to see
Elder Fernandes, Sister Smith, and Elder Crowther! (Mtc friends). Zone
conference was SO good!!! We watched a talk that was given at a new
mission president devotional, and it was so good! The talk was given
by President Uchtdorf and in it he talked about a letter called the
Ricciardi letter, that a lot of missionaries read because it’s so
uh..what’s the word…? motivational..uplifting… Anyways, It’s
seriously so good. It talks about being bold but not over-bearing.
Seriously, if you haven’t read it, read it! I don’t know where to find
it, I had gotten it from our sister training leaders airdropping it to
us, so that doesn’t really help you, but still! You should read it! So
President Uchtdorf references that talk and talks about being bold and
fearless. It was so good!


MTC friends – Elder Fernandes, Elder Crowther & Sister Smith

Anyways, after zone conference we went to a
members house for dinner/coloring Easter eggs! (As I’m sure you all
have already seen because I’m 110% positive my mom posted the picture
that the member sent to her on Facebook). But that was super fun!

So on Saturday we watched conference at J… and A…’s (the ones that
we go to at least once a week for dinner). And it was so good!
(Obviously). After that we went to a less active family’s house and
watched conference with them!!! So awesome! Then we were going to
watch the priesthood session, but a less active member called us and
asked if we could help her clean and put her stuff in boxes because
she’s going to be moving in the next few months. So we go to help her,
and we show up and she’s all, “Oh, I’m already done!” Okay… So we
just gave her a lesson instead and went home. Which took forever
because she lives in the Elder’s area, but it’s okay!

On Sunday we went over to the S…’s and watched both sessions of
conference and had brunch AND dinner. It was SO good and we ate so
much food!! Anyways. Our district leader had invited us to write down
how the spirit was making us feel while we watched conference. Along
with that I also had a bunch of questions I wanted answered. So I had
one question written on every page. Then a little section that said
“how do you feel?” I would stop about halfway through taking notes on
the page and answer the “how do you feel?” Question. My answers varied
from excited to humbled to peaceful, etc. the spirit was so strong
while watching it! And every single one of my questions was answered
on that exact page that had the specific question on it. One of my
questions was something along the lines of “how can I be a fearless
missionary?” About halfway through taking notes on that page Elder
Bednar started talking and talked about getting rid of fear. (From
Saturday). So cool. That happened for every single page I had
questions on, and I had just enough questions to answer all of them
without taking more pages of notes than I had questions for.

image4 (2)Today we went to Philly and I got part of the granite they are using
to build the Philly temple! Whoot! Also mine and Sister Johnstone’s
picture is hanging on the wall that they have of different people who
have gone and visited the temple site! Yay. We basically did all of
the same things I did the last time I was in philly because Sister
Ipson had never been! So that’s fun!

We didn’t get to meet with L… this week because she cancelled our
appointment, but we are just praying we can meet with her this week!
We did meet with C… and are hoping she will continue to progress!
Well, that’s basically all I have from last week! This week will be
full of lots of finding again!! Wish us luck! God bless!!
I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Tender Mercies – Easter Fun!


Sister Gomm & Sister Ipson dying Easter eggs.


Being a missionary mom has it’s ups and downs (mostly ups)! Today I shed a few tears over the surprise I received from a sweet member in Downingtown. We shared a few text messages and I received a few pics. Tender Mercies come in all sorts of places and forms.¬†Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

easter2 easter3 easter4 easter5 easter6 easter7

{post by Sister Gomm’s mom}