I found the snow we were looking for in December! – Bethlehem #9

Hello friends and family!

This week was crazy. Sooo many of our appointments fell through! We
literally had three lessons in one day that were cancelled. šŸ˜¦ but it
was still a great week!

We had interviews with President and Sister Anderson on Tuesday!
Interviews are ALWAYS the best:) on Wednesday we had district meeting
and right after that we had a worldwide missionary broadcast that was
SO good! They talked about repentance and baptism. I really loved one
part, someone had said, “Don’t jump from faith to baptism and skip
repentance.” I could not agree with this statement more. How important
is someone’s baptism if they haven’t repented? Another thing from the
broadcast that I loved was a scripture that was mentioned in 2 Nephi
33:1. I feel like this scripture was kind of a theme for Sister Larsen
and I back in Susquehanna because we always knew we were inviting the
spirit, especially at such a sacred place like the Priesthood
Restoration Site. But people were only going to feel the same
excitement we felt if they allowed the Spirit in. The same applies to
us everywhere. We need to invite the Spirit in, and we also need to do
do all we can to allow the spirit to be with us.

On Tuesday we went to see a man we had found in the area book as a
former investigator. The only reason why he was a former was because
the missionaries a while back had lost contact with him. So we went to
meet him and at first when he answered he told us he wasn’t
interested. We kept talking and asked him why he didn’t want to meet
with us anymore and he thought for a second then said, “Actually, you
can come back and teach me more, I would like that.” We testified that
the gospel would bless him so much and give him peace in his life. He
told us he would really like that and was looking forward to our

We went back on Friday for our lesson and he accepted a baptismal
date! He told us that he thinks the Book of Mormon is true and he even
wrote down his baptismal date on a piece of paper so he can remember
it! It was so great and I’m so grateful for the spirit that helps us
ask inspired questions and teaches others the truth!

Right after that lesson we were late to a lesson with Brother
H…. So we get in the car to call him and tell him we’re on our
way and the member who was supposed to come with us had cancelled!! So
we frantically scrambled around and then we realized that a member
lived super close to where we were. So we drove to her house and she
was so excited to see us (she’s the cutest), we explained the
situation and without another word she’s all, “Let me get my coat and
let’s go!” Wow. She is Heaven-sent. While at the lesson with Brother
H… we called the bishop so he could tell Brother H… the
big news: he’s getting the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday!!!!!!
Whoot!!!!!! After that we went straight to a dinner appointment. After
that we went to our correlation meeting with our new ward mission
leader!! Best day ever!!!! Our new ward mission leader is a convert!
He’s been a member for about 8 years now and he is so ready to fulfill
his calling! It is so exciting to see the Spirit working throughout so
many different people’s lives in so many different ways!

We changed our weekly planning day to Saturday this week because of
the crazy snow storm!! We got around 2 and a half feet of snow! We had
so many people making sure we were okay; our neighbor kept calling us
and checking up on us, then finally one of the times he called us he
said, “You know, I should’ve thought this through. You two already
know what you’re doing in this weather because you’re both from Utah!
You must feel right at home.” Finally someone gets it! Needless to
say, there is snow everywhere!! They don’t really know what to do with
the snow that they plowed off of the roads…there are just huge piles
of snow EVERYWHERE! We went out and shoveled basically all weekend! We
had to get our car out from under a massive pile and we got all of our
neighbor’s cars out too. Seriously, so much shoveling! We couldn’t
drive at all on Saturday and half of Sunday. Church was cancelled and
We just wanted to cry because B… and R… were both going to come
this week! šŸ˜¦ The roads are driveable now, but we still can’t really
drive anywhere to go proselyting because there’s nowhere to park! It’s
always an adventure here!

To end, something funny that happened this week! Brother H…
called us to set up a time to have a lesson this week and to tell us
that the south side sisters had taught about the Ten Commandments at
the dinner appointment he had with them, which he was surprised about
because we had briefly went over the Ten Commandments in our last
lesson and he wanted to know if we had told them to teach that, which
we hadn’t (thank you areabook and amazing Sisters Ashcraft and Agado
who thought to look there and help us out!). While during this same
phone call Brother H… accidentally takes the Lord’s name in
vain (Old habit he has almost gotten rid of), and Sister Brunsdale
says, “Brother H…! What’s the third commandment?” Brother
H… thinks for a second then says, “Oh yeah. I always break that
one.” Then moves right on to the next thing he was saying. Too funny.
He also wants to have a word with our mission president to talk about
all of these “rules” we have as missionaries. Haha!

Wow. Another thing… A year ago this past week I went into the mtc!!!
I can’t believe it’s been that long!!!! I still sometimes want to tell
people I’ve only been on my mission for six months. Sometimes because
I forget how long it’s been, sometimes because that’s how long it
feels like it’s been, and sometimes because that’s how long I wish it
has been. I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the things I’ve
learned the past year (I don’t know why I always talk about how ‘I’ve
been thinking a lot about’); and all of the things I have yet to learn
in the next six months. I pray that I will be able to glorify my
Heavenly Father and to do His will continually. I see people making
Him proud every single day, but I also see people doing things that I
know are breaking His heart every single day. I want to be like Alma
and Amulek and share the gospel with everyone. I want to bring joy to
others that I know they can only receive through the gospel of Jesus
Christ. Six months is such a small amount of time, but luckily after
this, even though I won’t be wearing a name tag, I can still share the
gospel with everyone I meet! I know this is the only way to eternal,
everlasting happiness! I’m so grateful to be here sharing it with

I hope you have an amazing week!
I love you to the moon and back!

Sister Gomm


Susquehanna has my heart! – Susquehanna #24

*Disclaimer* I don’t know how this email got so long….. Sorry for
writing a novel!

My dear friends and family! What a crazy, fun, sad, exciting,
bitter-sweet week!! After spending six months in my very favorite
little country town of Susquehanna I will be leaving hereĀ tomorrow!! I
have learned so much and had so many crazy experiences in the past six
months! I’ve learned to love so many people, learned to try so many
things, and learned to follow so many promptings.

Since Susquehanna has such a special place in my heart, I thought it
would be appropriate to share 25 things I have learned while being in

1. Sometimes when three of you come brand new into an area and you
have absolutely no idea who is who or what is what, but it’s actually
really beneficial for the area and you start working with new people,
trying new things, and touching new hearts.

2. The 12 week program NEVER gets old!! The district videos are your
best form of entertainment and sometimes you just have to laugh at the
awkward law of chastity lesson, cry at the wedding, and smile because
you know the missionaries were inspired to say something. I’m going to
miss doing 12 week!

3. Sister Simmons taught me that even though you have every reason to
turn inwards, turning outwards will ALWAYS be more worth it.

4. Sister Simmons also taught me how to love my family
unconditionally. Her love for her family was so sweet, I couldn’t help
but think of my family and the love I have for them every time she
talked about hers.

5. NEVER judge a person by the appearance of their house. Every house
has potential, every person can progress, and repentance is available
to everyone. One interview we had with President while I’ve been here,
he told us to think of a weapon of rebellion to bury. Mine was
judgement. I didn’t want to pass by any house because I thought the
people living there wouldn’t accept the gospel. Everyone has potential
to accept it. I’m still working on this one, but it has made the
biggest difference so far.

6. Sister Brown taught me to be bold. If the Book of Mormon is true
then Joseph Smith was a prophet and the gospel has been restored to
the earth. If the Book of Mormon is false then everything about our
church is false. I was afraid to say this to people before I was
companions with her, and now there’s no doubt in my mind that this is
true, and I’m not afraid to say it to others.

7. We needed a Joseph Smith and a Nephi. Some people live up to that
role in their own way, but some people are Hyrum’s and Sam’s. Flying
under the radar is 150% desirable here because in reality no one can
fly under the radar in God’s eyes. Not everyone is asked to lead such
as Nephi did, but some people are asked to live like Hyrum Smith did.
Heavenly Father loves each of those people the same. You don’t need
approval from people here. God knows.

8. ANYONE can overcome any addiction. Don’t give up on people because
they give in one time. Keep trying! The Atonement is available to
everyone every time they need it! Even if they don’t think they need
it, or they feel like they can’t use it, they can!

9. The priesthood is in fact the authority to act in God’s name, and
it is here on the earth. We need that authority to perform saving
ordinances so that we can live with God again.

10. Loving everyone is so much easier than finding things to complain
about them.

11. We have prophets and apostles on the earth today. Meeting
President Nelson and getting to shake his hand, talk to him, and hear
his testimony; I can testify that he is called of God. He is an
Apostle and he has the authority to direct and guide us. The most
important thing I want to remember about meeting him is the feeling
that I had of the spirit testifying to me that he is called of God and
this is Christ’s church on the earth today.

12. Sister Larsen helped me understand that if you are sick you need
to take time to get healthy so you can more quickly give it your 100%
rather than just giving 20% for a longer period of time.

13. Sister Larsen also taught me to be reasonable and not try to do
everything at once. Lists are good, priorities are important and
enjoying yourself in the process is essential!

14. The gospel is such an enjoyable thing to live and when we do so,
we will be more in tune with the spirit and God will trust us to do
His will and help His children come into the fold.

15. Some spiritual promptings that you get lead you to something else
that was the real reason you needed to deviate from your plans in the
first place. One time Sister Larsen and I went to a lesson that fell
through, we were supposed to go right back to the visitors’ center,
but I had a feeling we should stop by someone. We went and they
weren’t home. Frustrated we got back into the truck and I was again
promoted to stop by someone else. We went and they. weren’t. home.
Confused and frustrated this time we made our way back to the
visitors’ center and within 5 minutes it was apparent why we needed to
delay getting back there. We gave a tour to a recent convert and her
family who none of them are members. It was so necessary that we gave
them the tour because I already knew them and they felt more
comfortable. The recent convert’s parents came to church the next day
and they are now starting to take the lessons!

16. Being a sister training leader taught me that everyone has their
own struggles and trials. That doesn’t mean one persons trials are any
less than another persons’, rather that Heavenly Father loves all His
children and desires to help us all, especially when we go through

17. Using the talents God has given you can change hearts and help
others feel the spirit. Our concert was such an amazing experience and
I’m so grateful we did it so that more people could be open to all
that we want to share with them.

18. Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.
(Our motto at the visitors’ center).

19. “Look unto [God] in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” Our
recitation this past transfer! Also quoted in the video we play at the
visitors’ center. (Doctrine and CovenantsĀ 6:36).

20. Faith. You can’t get anywhere without it. If you don’t believe it,
it won’t happen. If you don’t have faith, you’ll never know any of
this is true. Sadly, I learned this from examples of people who didn’t
have faith. It really won’t get you far though. It’s so essential to
the gospel. It’s the first principle of the gospel!

21. Joseph Smith. He is the prophet of the restoration. He truly did
see God the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Christ’s church was
restored through him. He was called of God. God qualifies whom He
calls; but it doesn’t happen over night. Joseph was learning truths as
he was translating the Book of Mormon. He was learning how to be a
prophet when he lived here. That’s how he knew to ask about baptism
which led to the priesthood being brought back to the earth.

22. The Book of Mormon. So many people in this area thought the Book
of Mormon was a fascinating, cool book that had some good quotes in
it. But the Book of Mormon is much more than that. It is scripture,
another testament of Jesus Christ. It is evidence that Joseph Smith
was a true prophet. It teaches us how we can return to live with our
Beloved Father in Heaven again. It testifies of Christ and when we
know Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, we will know that the Book of
Mormon is true. When we know that the Book of Mormon is true, we will
know that Christ did all that He did for every single person. For you.
(2 Nephi 33:10)

23. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is available to us all. Christ’s
mercy covers everything. His grace is sufficient for all men. Through
the Atonement we can overcome the fall. We can be cleansed of all of
our sins. We can return to live with God again. Christ loves each of
us so personally, because He has felt every single thing that we have
felt. He loves us because He knows us. Our trials, our joys, He knows
it all. We can turn to Him always, and I know that even when we feel
completely and utterly alone, Christ is there. He has felt your pain.
He knows how to help you, you just have to turn towards Him.

24. God answers prayers! There were nights when I pled with Him to
help me understand His will. I asked Him for many things, and even
though I did not deserve it, He still answered me. He loves us so much
and He wants to help us. Often times we just need to ask Him for help.
We should pray about even simple things. One time Sister Larsen and I
were doing online teaching, and no one was getting on. We said a
prayer and had three people in a row to talk to and help understand
more about the gospel!

25. Although I have every desire to help someone and see them progress
and enter the waters of baptism, sometimes that is not what God has in
store for me or for them. Heavenly Father has His own timing, He knows
us all perfectly, and some people aren’t ready to accept the gospel
right away. Your mission is what you make it; if you have a good
attitude, you’ll have a good time!

I know that God lives. He loves us so much. He sent His Son, Jesus
Christ to atone for each of us. He gave us the Book of Mormon. He has
taught us how we can live with Him again. He has given us prophets
today to direct, lead, and guide us. I know this gospel is true. The
priesthood is on the earth today. The Doctrine and Covenants are
revelation from God. The Book of Mormon is here for us to apply to our
own lives so we can CHANGE and become better. I’m so grateful for all
that I’ve learned here in Susquehanna and all of the friendships I’ve
made. I’m grateful for the people I’ve met, and that they’ve touched
my life and changed me to become a better person. I can’t wait to be
back here at the Priesthood Restoration Site in the spring. I’m so
excited for what the next three transfers have in store for me until
then! I love being a missionary! I love the gospel! I love
Pennsylvania! I love Susquehanna! And I love you to the moon and

Sister Sammy Gomm (:

All is Well – Susquehanna #15

Friends and family!!

I am so sorry, I don’t have much time, but I will include everything I can!!

Wow. What an insane week. We had so many things happen I don’t even know where to begin!! I had been stressing all week about if the D…s family would be back in town for the dedication of the Priesthood Restoration Site. They had been out of town the week before and we didn’t know when they would be back. But a few days before the dedication they texted us and told us they would be there!!

On Thursday night a bunch of historians, people from the missionary department and others showed up to the visitors center and they had a devotional. We were planning on staying for them and singing to them, they were an hour late though and by the time the devotional even started it was 9 pm! Luckily President Anderson was there and people from the missionary department, so they all gave us permission to stay out late. We sang and didn’t make it home until 10:20! Crazy.

The next morning we had meetings with Brother Lusvardi, Brother Olsen and Sister Lund. Wow. It made me realize how much I needed to repent for all of the tours I had given thus far. So much new information and things to improve on!

On Friday evening Sister Larsen and I went to see the S…!! They are doing well!! They replaced the carpet in their home and we had a great lesson with them about the priesthood! It was so great to sit down and have a lesson with both of them!!

Saturday was a dream. It was wonderful! We went to the visitors center in the morning and helped set up a few last minute things. We went outside and greeted people as they came in! It was so much fun and I got to meet so many people and greet members of our branch, all around great. So we’re standing there greeting everyone and all the sudden I see Elder and Sister Kunz from DOWNINGTOWN!! I had been hoping that they would be there!! So I ran over to them and gave Sister Kunz a hug! It was the best to be able to see them!! (: All of the visitor center sisters got to sing at the breakfast before the dedication. It was such an amazing experience! President Nelson and his wife are the cutest(: the dedication was amazing!! If you want to hear it, I believe the video is on lds.org. Right after the dedication we gave tours to the general authorities who were there. Elder and Sister Kunz were in my group! It was amazing to see how open all of these people were to feeling the spirit and letting it testify of truth to them. I really felt like there were ministering angels around us that day. The Priesthood is restored! We have it on the earth today! This was just reaffirmed to me this past weekend. We have the authority from God, and it is only through this authority that we can return to live with Him again.

On Sunday we went to stake conference! It was SO good! We had general authorities speak the whole time. President Nelson gave an apostolic blessing on this stake, and I know we will see miracles from it, especially for the missionary work here. Sister Nelson spoke at stake conference and talked all about the Book of Mormon. She asked us why we do the things we do, and answered each of her own questions with, “Because I know the Book of Mormon is true.” I want to remember this. That I am here because the Book of Mormon is true. I know these things to be true because the Book of Mormon is true. We can use this every day to talk to people about the gospel. The Book of Mormon is true. You don’t have to be where it was translated to know it to be true. You just have to read it and ask God. He will answer your prayers. He always does. There’s a story I love about Emma Smith that we share at the visitors center about God answering prayers. I know Heavenly Father loves each of us and is mindful of us. The gospel was restored because a boy asked a question. Joseph Smith’s question was answered and our questions can be answered too.

Ministering Angels are around us. The Book of Mormon is true. The priesthood is on the earth today. Miracles and spiritual experiences are happening every day. It has been the most amazing weekend and I am looking forward to the miracles that will happen this upcoming week! I am so grateful for the gospel and the peace it brings. I know as we all continue to read from the Book of Mormon that our testimonies will be strengthened and we will receive answers to our prayers. I am sorry but I’m out of time!

I love you all to the moon and back!!


Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Hi! – Susquehanna #14

Hello friends and family!

Wow. What an interesting week! I have officially come to the conclusion that satan is very aware of when the work is progressing and great things are about to happen, because boy is he working hard!!! Sister Larsen and I only taught one lesson this week. So many trials and tribulations have come upon the people in this area, I know it’s only because many miracles and amazing things are about to happen!

This week Sister Robison and I went on exchanges together so that the two of us could go to zone training. None of the other visitor center sisters could go because they were all at the site, but our mission president wanted Sister Robison and I to go so that we could teach the things we learned from zone training to the vc sisters. Zone training was so good and Sister Robison and I talked every single second we could the night before, on the drive down, and the drive back. I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much in my entire life!

Saturday was a really good day!! C…, a girl I taught for a transfer before they split our area got baptized!! The visitor center director, Elder Walker gave all of us who taught her permission to leave the site for a few hours to go to her baptism! It was so amazing and so great to see her be baptized! I’m so happy that she made this decision for herself and that she can be an example to her siblings! She is the cutest little girl and I just love her(:

Yesterday we got to give tours to a group of people who are studying about the history of the church. It was so fun and we had the cutest old people in our group! It was so fun! It’s so great to be able to help the people here come closer to Christ and remember why they joined the church in the first place. We also gave a tour to these people who were just in the area and had heard about the visitor center and decided to check it out. It was so cool to hear them talk about the spirit and discover for themselves what they were feeling was true! I just love being a missionary. (:

This week is the dedication of the visitor center and they are going to be broadcasting the dedication online at lds.org this Saturday!! Everyone should listen in, President Nelson will be there and Bishop Stevenson and other general authorities! It’s going to be so amazing!

This upcoming week we have a lot of great things planned and I am looking forward to all that is going to happen! I hope you all have an amazing week! God bless!

I love you to the moon and back!


Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Look unto me in every thought; – Susquehanna #13

Friends and family!!

Wow. This week started out rough… but ended so great!!!!

Just about every one of our appointments cancelled this week! Which I know happens a lot, but it’s hard when you’re only proselyting half the time AND all of your appointments fall through! One appointment that did hold was still heartbreaking, it was with M… and K…, the people we had invited to be baptized last week, so we go to our appointment and we’re eating pizza and talking and the whole time Sister Larsen and I could tell that something was off. So once we asked them if they had read the chapter from the Book of Mormon that we had given them to read they both told us that they had prayed about it and God answered them, and they felt like this isn’t something they should pursue anymore. They told us they didn’t want to talk about it but that they were happy we came over and told us if we are ever in the area that we can stop by and talk, but there is no way they are changing anything. It was so sad because last week they were so open and willing to learn!

The D… family also cancelled on us a bunch of times this week. They’ve been having a lot going on but we did get to see them! We rescheduled their temple trip and it is now set for September 26!!! I am so so so excited for them! But I actually can’t go to the temple with them anymore. It’s a bittersweet situation because N…, from my last area is going to the temple for endowments and President Anderson told me that I could go with him because Sister Johnstone’s companion at the time that N… was baptized is home now, so she needed someone to go with her! Since Sister Johnstone and I are both closest to the Palmyra temple, N… is going to come up here and go to that temple!! (: since I’m going to the temple with N… I can’t go with the D…’ but I know they will still have such a great time and Sister Larsen will be able to go and I think Sister Brown will go with her! I just really really want the D…’ to get to the temple! They need it! (:

The week did end very very well though!! On Sunday after our meetings and right before sacrament meeting started A… comes up to us and tells us that she saw us from the other side of the room and had to come and say hello! (I just love her!!) and she had brought her friend with her and wanted to introduce her to us!! So we introduce ourselves to her friend J…, who I actually met my first night in Susquehanna at our branch mission leaders house! Wow. J… is so cool! Sacrament meeting was AMAZING!! M… bore her testimony which was huge because she does not like talking in front of a lot of people, and we had over 80 people in sacrament meeting!! (Lots of visitors because of the Priesthood Restoration Site and the long weekend). AND A… also shared her testimony!! It was hers and M…’s first times!! It was seriously so good!! So Sister Larsen and I taught gospel principles and the only people there were A…, J…, three others, and Brother S… who is in the branch presidency. It was so great because we could really help J… understand what we were teaching and she was participating and asking questions, it was so great!!

At 4 on Sunday we went to the visitors center and A… and J… showed up!!! We gave them a tour and when we got to the Smith house we sat on my favorite benches and shared a scripture with both of them. J… told us that A… had given her a copy of the Book of Mormon a few days earlier and that they were going to start reading it together!! So awesome!! So we talked about the Book of Mormon and I just kept feeling prompted to ask her if we could meet with her. So we asked and she said she would love that! A… even suggested that we have the lessons at her house!! I am so excited!!!!! We took them both to the chapel and showed the Because He Lives video in there on the big screen and afterwards the spirit was so strong! J… talked about how she really liked church and she is excited to start meeting with us!!

On Monday (yesterday), we had exchanges! I went with Sister Francis all day!! I took her out finding with me and we went to a dinner appointment at the S….!! It was SO fun!! I love Sister Francis!!

This week I’ve studied a lot about diligence. Being diligent is so important! I love what it says in Preach My Gospel under diligence: “Diligence is steady, consistent, earnest, and energetic effort in doing the Lordā€™s work. The Lord expects you to work diligently–persistently and with great effort and care.” I’m trying to make this place better than I found it. Also in Preach My Gospel it states: “You are assigned to do the Lordā€™s work in a specific area. He wants you to watch over your area with love and great care. Your purpose is to help others come unto Him through baptism and confirmation. Do all you can to leave your area stronger than you found it. Meaningful goals and careful planning will help you accomplish what the Lord requires of you.” Doing all we can to help others shows the Lord our commitment to Him. I’m so grateful for everything I’m learning here!! I love God’s counsel to Oliver Cowdery in Doctrine and Covenants 6, specifically verse 23 and 36, “Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?…. Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” Oliver had prayed to know that all of this was true, he wanted to know that everything Joseph Smith was claiming to have had happened, really did happen. Later, when he came to Susquehanna County, a while after being a scribe, he questioned it all because he could not see the golden plates. When Joseph asked God to bring peace to Oliver’s mind God asks him this. Oliver had already received his answer that all of this was true, he had just lost sight of that or forgotten, God reminded him that he already knew this was all the work of the Lord. I think it’s so important to remember that. “A marvelous work is about to come forth,” it is coming forth now! I’m so grateful that I get to testify of truth to everyone I meet! It’s such a blessing to be here, my testimony is growing every day! I love this gospel, I love this work, I’m so grateful for my Savior and Brother, Jesus Christ. This is His work, and I’m so grateful I have this time to serve Him.

I love you to the moon and back!!


Sister Sammy Gomm (:

These are the days of Harmony – Susquehanna #12

Friends and family!! Hello! First off, happy birthday to my older brother Keyan!! You. Are. Old. (; I hope you have a wonderful day! Just so you all know, my pday has officially been changed to Tuesday! So the rest of my stay in Susquehanna I’ll be emailing on Tuesdays!

Wow. This has been the best and craziest week of my entire life! Last Monday we had “Susquehanna” golden retraining! Whoo!! It was so good! As always (: on Tuesday it was just a normal proselyting day, which was great except we had 5 companionships in our area alone! Crazy. I don’t know how we didn’t all run into each other every five minutes! But needless to say, a great day of finding! Wednesday is when everything got CRAZY!

So we show up to the visitors center Wednesday morning and I went over to President Anderson to ask him a question then he told me he needed to tell Sister Robison and I something, so he calls her over and asks us if we will be the sister training leaders for the visitors center! Whoo! Except how does that even work because Sister Robison and I aren’t even companions?? Don’t ask, we’re still trying to figure it out ourselves… And we’re apparently supposed to go on exchanges every Wednesday. Crazy! So after that visitors center training starts!!! Brother LasVarde (don’t ask me if that’s the correct way to spell his name because I have no idea!!) from Salt Lake came and did our training. We talked a lot about preach my gospel and he complimented us because he can really tell that we are a preach my gospel mission. We also got to see the video that they are showing at our site and the video they will be showing at the Whitmer Farm. Wow. The video they are showing here is amazing!! Seriously, everyone needs to come here! So we had training from 9 am until 6:30 pm! Once we finally left we saw we had a missed call from our branch mission leader, so we listen to the voicemail he left and he was inviting us over for dinner! So we call him back and ask if they already had dinner, luckily they hadn’t, they were just getting ready to eat! So we go over and they’re literally finishing setting the table right as we get there! So we eat and share a message and are out the door all within 35 minutes! Talk about fastest, best dinner appointment of my life! And there wasn’t even dessert! (I’m so tired of having dessert every meal appointment!)

So Thursday we are at the visitors center again by 8:45 am and we go right in to training. We talk more about missionary work and helping people and talking about preach my gospel, etc. then around 5 they give us our study guides for the visitors center and tell us that we need to study this and get to know all of the information in it! Sister Larsen and I had to go to an appointment after that, so we left and taught this couple M… and K… the restoration! It was so great! You know when you have that moment of everything just clicks and from then on you and your companion teach in unity and everything goes great? Well that happened at this lesson for Sister Larsen and I! And! Sister Larsen invited them to be baptized and they accepted a date for October 17!! I am so excited for them! They invited us over on Thursday for a lesson and pizza!! K… put a reminder in her phone that says “Mormons and pizza” haha! So after the lesson we go back to the visitors center and ask the visitors center director, Elder Walker, what we missed, and he said that we didn’t miss anything but we are free to go and study for the rest of the night, that he wanted us doing that rather than going out finding (it’s so different being in a visitors center). So we break into our study guides and wow. I feel like I’m back in school! There is so much to study and learn and know! It’s crazy.

Friday consisted of more training and then our first tour! Local people (as in members from our branch) had volunteered to be the first ones to have tours so that the missionaries could practice. Sister Larsen and I had the branch president and his wife, their friends, and two members of our branch in our group! The spirit was so strong when we were with them and at the end of the tour we took them to the chapel and watched Because He Lives on the big screen there. After the video we had such a spiritual conversation with all of them and it was one of the best experiences! After all of the tours were done and we all came together to discuss what happened we were free to go home and sleep and study! That would be great except literally every night since Tuesday we have to make so many calls and we don’t have time for anything! Friday was also transfer calls, and there are only three elders in our whole zone being transferred! Crazy.

Saturday was amazing.

These are days never to be forgotten.

Saturday was our opening day! Wow. It was so crazy and so great! Sister Larsen and I were in the back where we put our bags getting ready to go out, and we said a prayer right before and after we finished our prayer we saw Sister Simmons and Sister Anderson waiting for us and they told us that F… (one of our investigators that we’ve had a hard time getting in contact with) was here and wanted a tour from us!! So we go out and see F… and two of her kids with her! So we go and give them a tour and when we got down to Joseph and Emma’s house we sat down on some benches and just talked. We talked about what F… is going to do with her life and what God wants from her. She told us that she thinks this might be true, that this could be the pathway that God wants her to take! Sister Larsen and I testified of truth to her and promised her blessings and shared a scripture with her, the spirit was so strong! The Smith home has become one of my favorite places. (: after that we did a tour with the cutest family from New Jersey! After that we had to go to a lesson but once we got there the lesson fell through! šŸ˜¦ I had a prompting that we should go to someone’s house but they weren’t home.. Then I felt like we should go to someone else’s house but they weren’t home either! At this point Sister Larsen and I were trying to figure out what Heavenly Father’s intentions were for sending us to two different houses where no one was home. So we drive back to the visitors center feeling confused about why that would happen. Then right when we got back we did a tour with L… and her family. L… was baptized a little over a year ago and she is the only member of her family. She came with her parents, her aunt and uncle, her grandmother, and another aunt. Wow. This was why Heavenly Father directed us to go stop by those two other people. If we had been any earlier or later we would have missed L… and someone else would have given them a tour, which would not have been a problem, but it was definitely inspiration that we were with them. They had SO many amazing questions and insights! It was great! When we got to the Smith home I quickly asked L… if she would be willing to share her testimony of the Book of Mormon. She happily agreed and we went into the room with the benches. We sat down and talked about the Book of Mormon, the priesthood, and faith. The spirit was seriously so strong and then L… shared her testimony of the Book of Mormon and it was so great!!

Days of Harmony.

It’s funny because no one who lives here knows that they used to call this place Harmony, but all of the members who come here think that it still is called Harmony. But these are days of Harmony! On Sunday we had 5 investigators at church!! We’re still meeting in our little house on the prairie building until the dedication, but L…’s parents both came to church!! It was so great! At 4 pm we had to be at the visitors center and when we walk in L… and A… (she was baptized at the same time as L…) and E…, the branch mission leader’s daughter were waiting for us so we could give them a tour! So we go and it was another amazing experience!!

Days of gratitude.

As we were going through the Hale home E…’s brother, C…, joined us and finished the tour with us. When we got to the Smith home we all sat down on the infamous benches and talked about the gospel and A… shared her testimony and talked about how she recognized her answer to the Book of Mormon. L… talked about how she felt when she received her answer and then we asked C… to share his testimony of the priesthood. Wow. What a great experience!!

Days of hope.

The spirit was so strong afterwards and none of us wanted to leave so at L…’s request we sang “Praise to the Man”. It was beautiful. Sister Larsen and C… were singing different parts and L… was singing descant for part. The spirit was wrapped around us and it was testifying to each of us that this is true. The things that happened here in Susquehanna were key to bringing the church back to the earth. This place has such a special place in my heart. It’s true. The gospel is restored. The priesthood was brought back to the earth and we have it today. Yesterday we got to give a tour to a few of the Manhattan temple missionary temple workers. Seeing them watch the video for the first time and talking about the Book of Mormon with them helped me strengthen my own testimony. I am so grateful for this time that I have to be a missionary! It’s been such a crazy week, but so many miracles have happened!

“These are days never to be forgotten. Days of harmony. Days of gratitude. Days of hope.”

I love you all! I’m sorry this is an eternity long, but it was such an amazing week! I love you to the moon and back!


Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Craziest Week!! – Susquehanna #11

Hello friends and family!!

Wow. This week has been the craziest week! I know I say that every week, but I really mean it this time!! SO many of our appointments fell through, it was so sad!! But on Wednesday we went on exchanges with our sister training leaders!! Sister Johnstone and I went to Tunkhannock and Sister Brown stayed in Susquehanna with Sister Nielson! I LOVE Sister Johnstone!!! It was just like old times, my first transfer in the ppm (: it was seriously so fun to go on exchanges with my trainer!! We literally didn’t have a quiet moment. I just love her so much!!

This week was super stressful and everyone kept asking us things about the visitors center and about everything that’s going to be happening up here and we didn’t have any answers so I was super stressed out! Our district leader had been in Montrose for the afternoon so we called him to ask if he was still in Montrose and if he was if he could give me a blessing. So we call him and he’s all, “I’m actually in Great Bend right now, where can I meet you?” Ah I was seriously so grateful that he was so much closer and it wasn’t out of his way to come here! So we’re trying to think of somewhere he can meet us and Sister Brown is all, “Meet us at the Susquehanna river.” So we drive down to the river and Elder Moriera gave me a blessing at the river in the pouring rain. I love the priesthood. I love it so much, and I’m so grateful for it! I felt so peaceful after that and despite the fact that we still had no idea what was going on I knew that Heavenly Father had it all under control and I didn’t need to worry about it! (:

On Friday morning we went and did service at the restoration site and pulled weeds. It was actually so much fun to get to talk with everyone there (Sisters Simmons, Francis, and Elder and Sister Lingman (senior couple) were all there), We barely had any time to do our weekly planning because we had so many people to see! It was crazy.

On Sunday we went to church and during Sunday School we went to the Branch President’s office with the D…s’ and the Richardson’s (other senior couple) and worked on their family history for names to take to the temple for baptisms! Then during the third hour the D…s’ had their temple recommend interview and throughout all of relief society I am wondering about the D…s’ and how it’s going for them. Then finally, K… walks in and sits on the opposite end of the room from me so I mouth to her, “How did it go??” And in response she holds up her temple recommend!! I seriously almost started crying tears of joy!! I am SO excited for them!!!!!! We are still trying to figure the details out with the temple, because we were supposed to go this Saturday, but another surprise! The visitor’s center actually opens this Saturday!! So we don’t know if we can go to the temple with them or not…. We’re figuring out the details with the visitor’s center director. Needless to say, either way I am SO happy they got their temple recommends!! It has been a long time coming, and I cannot wait for them to go to the temple to do baptisms!!

So after church Sister Brown and I went to our appointments, and one of them fell through, so we were just going to do finding up in the area we were in.. But right after the appointment fell through the Assistants called us and asked us if we would be at our apartment at 3:30 because they had all of the other visitor center sisters with them. We look at the time and it’s already 3:10 and we were a half hour away so we get home at about 3:40 and wait for them all to show up. We sat on our landlord’s porch and talked to her as we waited… and waited… and waited! So 4:10 rolls around and we call the assistants and ask them where they are!! And they say, “Sisters, we are so sorry! We’ve been at the restoration site for the past 40 minutes, we’ll be to your apartment soon!” So we go back in our house to go to the bathroom and as we’re getting ready to go back out President Anderson calls us and tells us that I’m going to be moving out of the house I’m in and Sister Brown will be staying there with three other sisters who have been in the mission for about 5 weeks. And I am going to be training one of the GOLDENS who just got here from the mtc on Saturday!!!! YAY!! So about 15 minutes later, Sister Anderson, President, the Assistants, and 8 sister missionaries show up!!! We all go into our tiny house and drop off luggage and President comes up to me and says, “Sister Gomm, this is Sister Larsen, she just got here yesterday, and she is your new companion.” Oh my goodness. I LOVE Sister Larsen!!! She is the BEST!!!!!!!! She really is golden!! So we are part time visitor’s center missionaries and the rest of the time we will be proselyting!

So we all walk over to the Biesinger’s (senior couple) house and had dinner with all 12 visitor center sisters, 10 senior missionaries, President and Sister Anderson and the Assistants. Can you say too many missionaries in one house?? It was insane.

So we still don’t know what’s going on really, we just know that we are starting visitor’s center training tonight!!!!!!! I am so excited and I love being a missionary! I’m sorry this is so long and everywhere, but I hope you all have an amazing week!! I love you to the moon and back!!


Sister Gomm (: