The moon is bright and the air is cold in PA! – Downingtown #1

Hello friends and family!!!!
I am officially in the mission field!! I am in Downingtown
Pennsylvania! Flying from Detroit to PA on Tuesday the moon was SO
bright! It was so cool! And it is a lot colder here than Utah! Not
that Utah is cold right now..but you get my point! There’s no
mountains, but there are tons of trees so I just pretend that the
mountains are still there but I just can’t see them because of how
many trees there are.

Write me letters! I would love to hear from you all!

Being a missionary is the best thing ever! I love my companion Sister
Johnstone, she is awesome and we are so similar it’s scary! Okay not
THAT similar, she’s SUPER crafty and well… Remember how long it took
me when I made a wreath at Christmas…. Yeah… But anyways, I love
her so much, she is an amazing trainer! (Side note, I am in the area
that Elder Prestwich just left! His last companion, Elder Skeen, is in
my district, also Elder Prestwich, thank you for your note! President
Anderson made sure I got it).

Sister Gomm & Sister Johnstone

I am so sad I am not companions with Sister Callaway anymore:( I miss
her so much! I also miss the rest of my district from the mtc! I know
they’re all doing great things though. Also, Elder Crowther had to go
home the day before we left to PA because he was having heart
problems. BUT I got an email from him today saying that his heart is
getting better and he will hopefully be able to come out in the next
two weeks!!!! Yay!!! He doesn’t know if he’ll come to the ppm
(Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission) or be reassigned, but I sure hope he
comes here!! Elder Crowther also told me that Elder Pule (also from my
mtc district) invited 4 people to be baptized! And he had a shotgun
pointed at him!!! So crazy! Elder Crowther also told me that …..
is having a hard time and has been thinking about going
home. Please keep ….. in your prayers!


On Saturday Sister Johnstone and I went tracting. We were going to
see one of our investigators that hasn’t been contacted in a long time,
but he wasn’t home, so we knocked on a few doors, and without any luck
we decided to go somewhere else to tract. Before we left, we took one
look at all the houses around us and decided to stop at one more
house. We go to this cute little house and start talking to the
woman who lives there, sharing a small message about how Heavenly
Father blesses us. We asked if there was a time we could come back and
share more with her and she said she would like that because she
thinks her son needs to come closer to Christ. Sweet!! We planned
to go over Sunday at 4:30. Sunday comes and we go over and we
taught her (her name is L…) and her son (Z…). We only taught
them like a fourth of the restoration, but we showed the bible video
(or whatever those videos are called) of Christ being baptized (Perks
of an iPad mission). And after that we invited her and her son to be
baptized, and they said YES!!!!! We have a date set for March 8!
Everyone pray that everything will work out and L… and her son will
be able to be baptized!!!!


I love doing missionary work, and I know that this experience will
strengthen my testimony so much! It already has. If any of you are
considering going on a mission; DO IT. it is the best! I know every
missionary says that… So it must be true, right 😉 but seriously, if
you’re thinking about it email me, and I will give you all of the
reasons of why you should go!


Sister Johnstone and I have a movie night every night where we watch
mormon messages on our iPads as we get ready for bed. Those videos are
so powerful! While at the mtc we watched the ‘Because of Him‘ video a
few times and I’ve watched it like three times since being in PA. Haha
it’s just SO good! Seriously so amazing!


Missionary tip: if you can, buy shampoo, conditioner, etc. in the
mission field. It’s way better to get it there and
not worry about your suitcase weighing too much! Plus I’d use that
space for more clothes! You can’t have too much of that! (:


I hope you all have a wonderful week! Pray for L… and Z…, and
other investigators! Also pray for ….. and any other
missionary in the world who may be having a hard time.
I love you to the moon and back!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:IMG_0127
[email from Sister Gomm]

Hardest Thing I Have Ever Loved To Do


Saying goodbye is just one of those things that you get to practice over and over. I say goodbye to my kids multiple times everyday as they (or I) leave the house. We say goodbye for good and sad (yes sad, not bad!). However, I feel like something that should be easy (turning your child over to the Lord), is one of the hardest things I have ever LOVED to do.


 There were lots and lots of goodbyes before we even made it to this day!


[written by Sammy’s mom]

Mission Maps


I love that we have access to the mission maps. There are 2 for Sammy’s mission. One shows the basic mission boundaries (smaller one on the right). The other (large one on the left) shows the details of the different branches, wards and stakes. I had the above picture collage printed at Costco at size 20″x30″ for $9.00. I have pinned it to a cork board (not shown). I have pins to mark where she is and has been. I have also made tags (right now they are just sticky notes, but I plan to print out tags with photos of her & her comps) that I have tacked on the side with the name of her area, dates served and her companion. Eventually I hope to paint the board or at least put some cloth over the cork board, but it works for now!


Information on how to find the mission maps is provided here:


[written by Sammy’s mom]

The Wait is Torture!

"Sammy smile." "I am smiling." This was taken right after she had her wisdom teeth out.

“Sammy smile.” “I am smiling.” This was taken right after she had her wisdom teeth out.


Yes, there is a lot to do before you are officially off on your mission – shop, online courses, study, wisdom teeth pulled, go to the temple, etc., but the wait is torturous! Yes, involving pain (did you notice the mention of pulling teeth) & suffering! Suffering comes in the depleting of bank accounts to purchase all needed items for this year and a half adventure. It comes in the day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute of wishing you could get on with it already (from both missionary and parents!).

Mostly though, we are all excited and trying our best to keep it together.  As a mom, I would have to say that it was so much easier to send my son than it has been to send my daughter. I think part of that has been because from the time my son was little, we had hoped he would decide to service a mission and had many, many years to plan for that possibility. For my daughter, she had let us know many times that she had no intention of serving a mission and then all of a sudden she did and in a few short months of letting us know, she will be off.

[written by Sammy’s mom]

Never say Never!

mission callIn May, at high school graduation, Sammy had no intentions (that we knew about) of going on a mission. During the summer she surprised us by saying she wanted to serve. What a shock that was! Apparently she had been having thoughts about it before school ended, but nothing motivating enough to declare her change of heart.

Knowing she could submit her papers 4 months before her birthday, we quickly got all the necessary doctor and dentist appointments done, she completed her paperwork and had her interviews.

Starting on Monday she checked the mailbox everyday hoping that maybe it would be the day that a piece of paper would let her know where her future adventures would take her. Thursday night her bishop asked if her papers had come yet, since her mission had already been assigned. So, we thought for sure it would come on Friday (a week and a half after it had been submitted by her stake president), on October 4, 2014, and it did!

She got the mail and of course did a “yes jump” when she saw the wonderful white envelope that contained her mission call. She wasn’t ready to open it just yet, since she was headed to Salt Lake City for the day, but she didn’t want to wait until Saturday to open it. So around 11:15 p.m. she opened her call and then shared with us. She has been assigned to the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission starting January 21, 2015.

IMG_3082 IMG_3084 IMG_3088 IMG_3108opencall2 opencall1

[written by Sammy’s mom]