I want a truck!! – Susquehanna #7


What a CRAZY week it’s been!!!! Wow! They split our area, so now
Sister Brown and I are together in Susquehanna and Sister Simmons and
her new companion, Sister Francis, are in Great Bend! It’s crazy to
have two sets of missionaries in our tiny little branch, but it is SO
fun!! Sister Simmons and Sister Francis haven’t gotten their new house
yet, so there are four of us staying in our house right now!! It is SO

Sister Francis, Sister Simmons, Sister Gomm & Sister Brown

As for our area, how we have it split right now is pretty rough. Great
bend has everyone that we were teaching besides 2 investigators, 2
recent converts and 1 less active member. Basically it’s going to take
A LOT to reach the goals we have set for this week! But I know that
Heavenly Father will help us! We’re also going to fix how the area is
split to make it better for us!! But until then we’re doing a lot of
finding!! (: it’s seriously so fun! This area is amazing!!

One of the best parts is that I’m now driving the truck!! And wow! I
LOVE it!!! It’s very essential for this area too, because there are so
many hills, dirt roads, and pot holes!! Seriously, they’re


We had interviews with our Mission President this week! They are
always the best! President gave me some WONDERFUL advice on how to
help the people in this area, and I’m so excited to put things into
action! It’s going to be an amazing transfer in Susquehanna!! I can
feel it!! (:

Since we’ve been doing mostly finding I’ve really come to love talking
to people! It still scares me most of the time, but I love getting to
know others and being able to help them feel the spirit and help them
understand that God loves them. We met this woman named F… this
past week. She is so sweet!! She lives a few streets up from us and we
knocked on her door and the conversation was just rolling from then
on!! She is searching for truth and is really interested in reading
the Book of Mormon! We are meeting with her tomorrow and I am SO

I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of time this week! But something I’ve
really learned this week is that you truly can’t judge anyone. You
can’t assume that someone you pass by won’t accept what you are going
to share with them, you can’t judge that no one is home because all of
the lights are off in the house. We need to let everyone have the
opportunity to hear the gospel! It just brings so much happiness and
joy, it really is for everyone!!

I hope you all have a great week!! I love you to the moon and back!!

Sister Sammy Gomm (:


Concussions are Lame – Downingtown #14

Hello friends and family!!
It was so great to talk to my wonderful familia yesterday! I love you
all!! (And apologize again that you already heard about my week so you
already heard about the most exciting part of the week).

BUT. It was a crazy week.
So Tuesday started out as an average Tuesday for us! Lunch with a
member, our service that we do every week at Simpson Meadows, having a
member come with us and drive us to different appointments… All
normal things. But after the appointments we were driving in her truck
and Sister Ipson was sitting in the front seat (I was in the back)
holding milk duds that the member had offered us… So the member was
asking us where we wanted to go for dinner, we were stopped at a red
light and the next thing I know milk duds are flying everywhere!!
Super confusing… Then I realized that someone had just rear-ended
us! So I turn around to see what had happened and was so surprised to
see the back windshield shattered and some of the glass on the seat.
My first thought, “Wow, they hit the window which caused the glass to
break, how did I not notice??” Then I remembered we were in a truck,
so the bed of the truck was between us and the truck that hit us so
there’s no way it was the truck that hit us. So then I was like, “Oh,
the impact of them hitting us broke the glass!” So I turned all the
way around to look at the whole windshield and realize that it was
actually my head that broke the glass! So I check my head, and there
was just a little bit of glass in my hair.. So we call the police and
they head over. Sister Ipson and I called our Mission President, but
it went straight to voicemail.. Once the police got there the police
man talks to me for a minute and suggests that an ambulance come and
take a look at me. Okay, no thank you, I would prefer that didn’t
accident2accidentSo we call Sister Anderson (President Anderson’s wife), luckily she
was with President and they both told us to have the ambulance come.
So once the ambulance got there the emt’s checked me and said that I
was fine. When we were all done we left and everything was fine until
I realized that I had a headache, and it wasn’t going away. We had
interviews with President and Sister Anderson on Wednesday and they
made me promise to call them if I still had a headache the next day.

Well, long story short, President Anderson made me go to the emergency
room (not fun), and they concluded that I have a concussion! Yay……
So basically this week has been rough! Haha. Our district leader was
mad that we didn’t tell him until Tuesday evening when he called us.
And our zone leaders called us on Wednesday night asking us how we
were doing, and they were upset because President was the one who told
them about what had happened when they were at their interviews with
him. Haha sorry zone leaders for not telling you…….

This week was basically full of lessons with less active members and
recent converts. I love everyone in this area, it’s so great!!
I can’t remember if I mentioned this before or not.. But we have a
recent convert, P…, who was baptized back in November, and she is
preparing to go to the temple!! We are praying that she will be able
to go this month!! So I will keep you posted on that!! I love her, and
I’m so excited for her! She is awesome!! She’s always asking us for
ways she can help her daughter learn more about the gospel and what
she can do to better teach her, it’s the sweetest thing ever!!

Apparently word travels fast and half of our ward knew about the car
accident by the time Sunday rolled around, and the only people Sister
Ipson and I had told was N… and the bishop! But seriously, everyone
kept asking me if I was okay.. Haha, too funny. And then everyone else
kept saying “Happy Future Mother’s Day!!” to Sister Ipson and I
hahaha…. Too weird.

Basically, it was a weird week, and having a concussion is the lamest
thing ever, and I love being a missionary, and I can’t believe school
is almost out for everyone! So exciting!!

Well, I love you all to the moon and back!!
Sister Sammy Gomm (:

Downingtown #13

Hello friends and family!!
I’m sorry I start all my emails the same way…… But…with that
being said, wow! What a crazy week!!
On Tuesday Sister Ipson and I decided to park our car and walk
everywhere because we had like zero miles left for the month! We had
an area that we wanted to get to to stop by a less active member, so
off we went. We talked to everyone! Crossing streets just because
someone was on the other side, stopping at bus stops and showing
Because He Lives (because those people aren’t going anywhere until the
bus comes) to the people there. It was such a crazy day full of
meeting TONS of people. It’s so crazy all of the people you meet and
the stories you hear and the lives you learn about if you just start a

On Wednesday we had members drive us everywhere, which was such a
blessing because having members come is always a plus! And we didn’t
use any miles all day!! Plus we met with a few less active members
that we haven’t seen in a long time! (Or ever before).

On Thursday we somehow had TWO dinner appointments!! It was so rough,
but at one of the houses we had fruit for dessert! Seriously, that was
the highlight of the day! (Okay, maybe not, but it’s pretty up

On Friday we had dinner with N…, my favorite person!! (: he is
seriously the coolest! We gave him oil and a vial to use when he gives
blessings (thanks mom for sending those!) since he just got the
Melchizedek Priesthood (I’m pretty sure I talk about him and the fact
that he just got the priesthood every week…), but he loved it and
gave us the sweetest card ever! He’s so awesome!!

On Saturday we were on our way to our correlation meeting and Sister
Ipson and I were talking about how we didn’t want sugar again for a
LONG time! So what did we do after our meeting..? Went and got Rita’s
of course… Hahaha. No joke, it happened.

Later in the evening we were walking through our apartment complex on
our way to find this former investigator and we passed by this man who
was working on a truck, so we ask if he needs any help and he’s like,
“yeah, sure!!” So we start helping him (he was replacing the bumper)
and his three friends show up. Needless to say they thought it was
hilarious that we were helping them and even more hilarious when we
started telling them what to do because they had no idea what they
were doing! (Neither did we really, but we knew better than they did
apparently! Haha)

Now, I wish I could say that all of the people that we invited to
church came! But….. No one did. But we sat by N… and E… (the
Elder’s recent convert) and N… just joked with me the whole time and
kept commenting on everyone’s testimonies and how great they were(:
after church we had a lesson with P… (recent convert) and talked
about what needs to be done for her to go to the temple this month!!
I’m so excited for her!! She’s so great, we had her tell us her
conversion story since she was baptized before either of us got there
and neither of us really knew how she gained a testimony of the
church. It was so great to see her light up while talking about how
she came to know the Book of Mormon is true!! I just love being a
missionary!! (:

It got me thinking about the Book of Mormon and the fact that it truly
is another testament of Jesus Christ. And the only way for you to know
that, is to read it and ask God if it is. No amount of others telling
you that will convince you. But I promise you, that if you ask
Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true, if it is in fact
another testament of Jesus Christ, and you have a true desire to know
it is, that He will answer you through the Holy Ghost. So that is my
commitment to you all this week, I don’t care how many times you’ve
asked Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true, ask again this
week!! I know Heavenly Father will bless you this week if you do ask
again(: and I know that you will come to know its true as you read it
more and more!! I know this for myself, and the Book of Mormon has
brought such great comfort to me, I promise you, it will do the same
for you!!

I hope you all have a great week!
I love you to the moon and back!!
Sister Sammy Gomm (: